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Picked up 1/2 a set...worth completing?

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Hi all!  I went to the thrift store the other day and scored two bags of lego sets for my kids (some instructions included!) for $15.  There was a full Star Wars set (Clone Trooper Battle Pack, 7913), a mixed up Lego Friends set (HELP!), a Ninjago set (Cole's Earth Driller, 70502), and a Chima set (Sir Fangar's Ice Fortress, 70147).  I'm a little torn on what to do with them.  I sorted them as best I could, but I was wondering - what do you normally do with partial sets?  The Star Wars set and Chima set are the only ones that had the minifigures included, so I was wondering if I should try and complete the Chima set, or just give them to the boys for their 'extras'/'free build' box.  The sets aren't terribly long retired that I can't order replacement pieces, but they're both larger sets so sorting through piece by piece would be tedious.

What do others do when you find partials?  Complete them, part them out, or ...?

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You are only into the sets for $15. It would probably cost more to complete these particular sets compared to what you could sell them for, so I'd just give them to the kids. Knowing what the friends set is might sway your decision. If it's a larger set from the first wave (4 digit set #), then it might be worth it, otherwise don't waste the time and trouble.

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Thanks for the help.  :)  I feel better about letting the kids play with the sets - though they like the actually build the sets themselves but the tedious thought of trying to track down every piece makes my head spin.  The Friends set is going to be a WIP I think...it's some sort of building with a dresser, gold coins, and a little vehicle.  I'll have to do some research.  

Side note - I seem to be missing a few Chima pants and a hand (oh! And my hubby has a Han Solo who's missing a hand too...the kids got into it :( ) - does anyone know where I can replace body parts?  

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^ I have a little bag of hands, as well as arms that I've salvaged from minfigs - Usually due to a cracked torso, or if a low-value minifig where the opposite arm was cracked...   They have come in handy (no pun intended) numerous times when needing the arm or hand to complete a higher value minifig.

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