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57 set lot, need advice on price, Canada


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Some small piece are missing or broken; some small box are in bad shape; all figure, box and plan are present.


Brickfolio give an Approx: $ 3234.93 if all set were complete. What price do you think would be a good deal in CAD, to buy them.


6351-1: Surf N' Sail Camper

6345-1: Aerial Acrobats

6344-1: Jet Speed Justice

6341-1: Gas N' Go Flyer

6277-1: Imperial Trading Post

6268-1: Renegade Runner

6264-1: Forbidden Cove

6244-1: Armada Sentry

6175-1: Crystal Explorer Sub

6135-1: Spy Shark

6125-1: Sea Sprint 9

6115-1: Shark Scout

6082-1: Fire Breathing Fortress

6078-1: Royal Drawbridge

6057-1: Sea Serpent

6056-1: Dragon Wagon

6044-1: King's Carriage

6024-1: Bandit Ambush

6020-1: Magic Shop

6009-1: Black Knight

4011-1: Cabin Cruiser

1896-1: Trauma Team

1890-1: Octan Racer

1889-1: Pirates Treasure Hold

1888-1: Black Knights Guardshack

1887-1: Scout Patrol Ship

1853-1: Hypno Cruiser

1843-1: Space and Castle Value Pack

1793-1: Space Station Zenon

1728-1: Crystal Crawler

6397-1: Gas N' Wash Express

6494-1: Magic Mountain Time Lab

6514-1: Trail Ranger

6518-1: Baja Buggy

6537-1: Hydro Racer

6543-1: Sail N' Fly Marina

6544-1: Shuttle Transcon 2

6550-1: Outback Racer

6552-1: Rocky River Retreat

6557-1: Treasure Hunters

6559-1: Deep Sea Bounty

6561-1: Hot Rod Club

6665-1: River Runners

6670-1: Rescue Rig

6746-1: Chief's Tepee

6765-1: Gold City Junction

6769-1: Fort Legoredo

6813-1: Galactic Chief

6814-1: Ice Tunnelator

6815-1: Hovertron

6834-1: Celestial Sled

6835-1: Saucer Scout

6852-1: Sonar Security

6856-1: Planetary Decoder

6949-1: Robo-Guardian

6973-1: Deep Freeze Defender

6991-1: Monorail Transport Base

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There are some real gems there. Is you plan to sell for profit? Keep for collection? A bit of both? Martin is spot on for investment purposes (as always), but if you want these for your own collection you may consider going a bit higher on them. 

Yep, if I bought that lot, I would definitely keep some sets for myself, like the Monorail and some of the other cool space sets.

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