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Lego store I Love "City" magnets and keychains

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I am collecting Lego store I Love "City" magnets and keychains. I have found some from ebays. However, Ebay has very limited collections of them.  Do you have any good idea  to collect them?  My plan is to make a phone call to lego store and ask them if they take an order over phone and send I Love "City" magnets and keychains to my address? Do you guys know which lego stores take an order over the phone?

By the way, I do not know how many different I Love "City" magnets and keychains have been released. :(


Thanks a lot for your ideas :)

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I was just in Vegas and went there specifically for that. The cashier told me they didn't have them and that only large  tourist destinations get them..???? I know the water tower store in chicago has chicago ones and legoland florida has orlando keychains as well. Where else have these been found?

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