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How to adjust stickers on used bricks to align?



I have recently purchased a Used 3221. Reasonable price and all pieces plus the instructions are there. Even the spare bricks and the box are given to me. Unfortunately the sticker seems to be stuck on in a 'not so equal spacing' kind of way and some are just crooked in an angle. Are we able to readjust them? Maybe using the hair dryer trick will do? or anyone have any better ideas to share? I apologize for the long lines of words. Using the app to do this and it doesn't let the line breaks shows up on the post.

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Newer sets like 3221 will have the more durable sticker.  I usually do it one of 3 ways in this order.

1. Scotch tape a larger portion of the sticker.  Press down on it.  Slowly pull the tape (with sticker attached to it) starting with a corner of the sticker.  Then adjust the sticker while still connected to the tape.  Press down on the tape and slowerly pull the tape away while the sticker is still connected to the brick.

2. Use the edge of an existing sticker sheet (from any newer set) .  I like using the back side of the sticker sheet.  Slowly slide the sheet in-between the sticker and brick to remove it. Start at a corner of the sticker.

3. Use a knife to separate to the sticker and brick.

regardless which option you use, always wash your hands first to remove dirt and dust.

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I find stickers are easy enough to gently peel off and re-apply. I use a flat blade craft knife to just lift one corner, and keeping that corner flat with your thumb, gently peel back. Using a knife (instead of your finger nail for example) to lift the corner, prevents the corner getting all bunched up and creased which doesn't look good. There's probably no need for a hair dryer, as the glue doesn't seem to be the type that sets hard.

Maybe practice on some spare stickers first, to get the technique right.

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