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End of trans bar stuck in clip, please advise



Short and to the point, I have one end of a trans bar (lightsaber blade piece) stuck in a single stud clip and the bar will not come out let alone budge. The end is not far in at all yet seems to be caught in a sort of vacuum and will not move which doesn't help considering there really isn't much to grab on to because it's a bar.

I tried doing a search for "lego part stuck" and almost all articles are about kids' noses. :wacko: I've never really had a LEGO piece clutch this strongly before and would like to save both pieces if possible. If anyone has some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest brickcrazyhouse

cloth  around saber piece and use pliers for grip. or a ball point clicky pen will fit to push saber back out

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cloth  around saber piece and use pliers for grip.

Hot water. 

I wish I could mark these both as Best Answer seeing how I used both methods to solve my dilemma of which many, many, many thanks to you both.

Alright here is what I did. I took a glass measuring cup filled with some water and stuck it in the microwave (by itself) for three minutes to boil. Pulled out the cup then took the stuck pieces in question, dropped them in there, and waited about a minute. Meanwhile I grabbed a pair of flat pliers and a hand towel. Next I took the parts out of the still hot water (with the pliers of course) and did what brickcrazyhouse said of placing a bit of cloth around the saber then got a grip with the pliers (towel between saber and pliers). I held the clip with my other hand and managed to pull the saber out by slowly twisting it back & forth along the way until the two finally came apart. Phew.

There is a tiny area on the bar that looks somewhat scuffed but is hardly noticeable and besides both pieces now saved so yea. Now the wicked clutch seems to be gone and I can get the bar to slide in & out of the clip.

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