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Speed Champions 2016


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Before the list of sets was taken down from the Amazon site, I did notice a full selection of more vehicles (around six or so) for this Toys R Us exclusive theme. A couple of which are supposed to be a Mustang and then somewhere is a Camaro. I should have realized what had happened was going to happen and make a copy for later reference but no use crying over spilled milk. Well if they are to continue the racing form tradition in the prior wave with this one, I imagine all will be based on modern models.

Never mind, I just found a copy of the list. Here are the Speed Champions for 2016 everybody!

  • 75870 - Chevrolet Corvette Z06 = 14.99 €
  • 75871 - Ford Mustang GT = 14.99 €
  • 75872 - Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro = 14.99 €
  • 75874 - Chevrolet Camaro = 34.99 €
  • 75875 - Ford F-150 Raptor = 49.99 €
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Great news.  Now, retire the 1st issue sets early, and keep 'em coming.  3-4x on the initial release cars 6 months from retirement.  It doesn't hurt that TRU is continually out of stock on these, its obvious demand has been good for this series.

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3 hours ago, gregpj said:

The Model-A looks well done, but that Ford truck is oh-so-ugly. I know the source material isn't great, but that's a pretty poor looking build... like Hoth Poor.

I agree..... I will be putting some larger tires on it !  Larger tires will make this model look a lot better !!!

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3 minutes ago, Fleck said:

I agree..... I will be putting some larger tires on it !  Larger tires will make this model look a lot better !!!

The proportions are all wrong... The hood is too long, the body sits too high, the wheels and wheel wells are too small.

Plus that sticker on the front looks hideous. All the stickers suck... They missed the most needed one "Raptor" over the rear fenders. And where is the sunroof? And side mirrors? Yuck!

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I saw all of the new Speed Champions sets at TRU today.  And they don't have the customary TRU markup (yet!).  Did not get any though.  I didn't love any of them.  The hot rod is cool, but I really don't like the truck.  The Mustang is ok, and if I get any of these for myself, that might be the one.  I think the first wave was better.  

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