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75901 - Mystery Plane Adventures


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For a few parts and dollars more than the Mummy Museum Mystery, at $19.99 you get 128 pieces and three minifigures of Shaggy & Scooby (with exclusive aviator gear) plus the legendary headless horseman aka Elwood Crane from the fifth episode "The Headless Horseman of Halloween" in the Scooby-Doo/DynoMutt Hour mini-series. Interesting to note there was a similar aircraft in the cartoon (in fact it was Elwood Crane's) only here LEGO turned it into basically a flying version of the Mystery Machine with the color scheme chosen. Considering the colors on the original plane didn't quite pop and now there is a play element of a chase scene such changes make sense.



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Here is a Brickset review. For ease of access and future reference, I added that and a couple other set reviews to the bottom of the main post. I might just do the same for the other sets in this theme if people find it easier.

Well, this is good until my build reviews are created on these forums. The we can refer to those review links instead. Ha
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I think mystery plane flew under the radar of most investors if you'll pardon the pun. Everyone picked up Mansion, mystery machine and lighthouse.

The Headless Horseman and Scooby in sitting position(exclusive to this set) might generate some interest.

The only one that will be a real dud is Mystery Museum

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Damn....i got about 20 of the Mystery Museums in the 2nd Tesco 3 for 2.  

Thankfully i got alot more of the other SD range.  

My personal opinion is everything in the SD range will do well just like the Dinosaur range.

I think i've seen a green SD box here & there but not much.  Even though i believe Scooby will provide plenty of scooby snacks i cant buy at rrp.


I'm thinking that last one is a blimp but i hope not as i might unload at £30+

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