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Let it roll?

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Investment strategy? When I started the investment/flipping side of things I got a seperate paypal just for Lego. This way all the funds were self contained and if my hobby was paying for itself, I could buy whatever I wanted without the wife freaking out. So...my current strategy is sell $100 worth of sets I probably shouldn't have bought for $200 (or as close as I can) and then buy an exclusive with the proceeds. I must be an addict because every time my paypal balance gets respectable, I buy more lego. I will eventually hit capacity of the closets at the house, but until then....I'm trying to load up the account so I can make the bigger quantity purchases.

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There are worse habits that will destroy your life. Cheating on your spouse, alcoholism, drug addiction, kleptomania, etc. We're all members of this forum for a reason so you won't get any "constructive" advice from here,  I fear.


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