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A way to predict winner sets. May be ?

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Hi, I am new here posting but been around reading forums, buying and reselling for about a year. What do you think of the following ?

Based on the simple rule of supply and demand and critical timing, for nearly retired set, I mean the sets that are only available at Lego SH, just before they go poof everywhere.

Can we say that those sets which have the highest price ratio from Amazon to retail are the most promising ones to invest in ?

So, in that case let's see as an example,

PC -> 214/150 = 1.43

PS-> 229/150 = 1.53

TB-> 350/240= 1.46

Then, if what I say here holds water, it seems that one should get more PS than TB or PC.

And more TB than PC

What do you think?



I like it.  I mean, it's just another tool or metric to use.  To give you an idea, I have those three ordered in the same way (not in overall performance, but mostly because I think that's the order they will retire).  I guess my point is that your method is as good as anyone else's.  Like others have said: stay disciplined, but always allow for some flexibility if things don't happen like they are "supposed" to....cause they never do.

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