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Unknown condition and dusty lot

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Hi, I came to a guy that has about 30 lbs of Lego that wants to sell, but they are very dirty and condition is quiet bad. He said they were in the back yard and under the sun for quiet some times. I am not good at recognizing sets so no idea if that's a good take or not. Asking for $70 

Hope to get some ideas from you guys =] 








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Hmm, not the greatest looking lot. I`m not a big bulk buyer, but do have some experience with this. It`s quite a bit of Lego, but it will absolutely need some cleaning and sorting to remove any damaged/defective parts (faded, etc.). I`d pick it up if you don`t mind putting in a couple of hours of cleaning. If he`s asking $70, I`d try $40 and use the condition as leverage (well it will need some cleaning up, etc.) if need be. Worst case scenario you sell it on Ebay as bulk-used at $X.XX per pound, and a $40 buy in with this much should yield a decent return. The Lego underneath may not be as faded, but you`ll need to go through the entire lot. 

Only buy if you are willing to put in the time required to sort and clean them, that goes for virtually all bulk buys. In this case, if it was me, I`d just pass, as I don`t have the time to do any of that. But you have to decide that for yourself. 

And if you do decide to pick these up, get rid of those atrocious looking bins asap. The fading and water damage (3rd pic) is hideous haha. 

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From the pictures, there are parts of several large City sets, like the 7893 Passenger Plane, the 7944 Fire Hovercraft, or the 7994 City Harbour. If the lot was in good shape, I would pay the $70, but it isn't so I would go around $40-$50 because of the bad condition.

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The Yoda hut lid, Basilisk head, and the Clone stand out in the photo - but those items look a bit staged (and have less debris on them). What is underneath could be garbage, and if those were naturally on top, they have been exposed to the weather conditions, and would now be junk.

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I’m a fairly big used buyer/seller and I do like to take a gamble on low priced risky lots, but I’d walk from this, unless I could get confirmation on the figs (number / condition)

I can’t imagine anything is worth rebuilding and if it’s processing just to sell as weight, it’ll be a lot of work to grade after cleaning, with a big risk on it all being trash. 

The thing I’ve learnt with these low priced / low grade lots, is that there is always a better lot around the corner and whilst you may have the $ to buy both, unless you employ people the opportunity cost of working through the low grade lots isn’t worth it.  

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That's one I'd pass on as well, even at a dollar a pound or $30 bucks... it's better to go to a child to play with. there might be a couple of useful parts but the time & effort to pull what you want & off load the rest wouldn't amount to much roi.

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thanks for all the advise, I still not able to decide take or not. Not sure if I got the time to sort them or not

If you don't have any time to sort, then it's not a good decision to buy the lot. 30 lbs is a lot to sort, and then you have to spend more time, figuring out what your are going to do with the pieces: complete the sets or sell by the pound.

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