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10655 - Monster Trucks


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So 10655 - Monster Trucks was a young builders set that retired in March 2014, and had a MSRP of $20. Fairly basic little box set with Monster Trucks and a couple minifigs. Shortly after retirement, the set rose to about $40, and continued to climb peaking around $90 for the holidays. I sold a few that I had for around $70 before it peaked, but was still very pleased with the results. I notice this set has had a dramatic fall, absolutely nose diving to $30-35. I find it hard to believe that holiday selling ALONE would make this set go from 30-$90, and to my knowledge - nothing really has come out to replace it as such. The only thing close I would say is the Race Car Junior briefcase, but that was available during last year's holiday rush anyway.

Any theories on this one? I find it very fascinating, because I never expected the set to climb as high as it did, and I have similarly no good reason (or even have seen a  different set) drop so dramatically like this. Your two cents, please.


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I wanted one just for the minifigures and was oddly lucky to find a solitary set on sale at Walmart for $13 a couple years ago. It still surprises me when these very basic sets jump up in value for whatever the reason. There usually are some of the more simple bricks in colors not used often and the character printing is nice but I don't think part-obsessed people could be the culprits behind such price increases.

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In my experience, sets like this are usually purchased by grandparents for birthdays or holidays.  I often wonder why anyone would pay premium prices for such simple sets, but the comments I receive on the feedback often say (paraphrased): "Set seemed very small for the price, but its what the grandson wanted and he's very happy with it."

Trucks, motorbikes, and boats all seem to have a similar draw during the holidays.

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