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7181 - TIE Interceptor


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Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new to these forums and don't post very often but I had a question that I hope you can help me with.

My parents recently moved out of the home I grew up in as a child and I live in a one bedroom apartment with my wife, so unfortunately I decided it was time to sell some of my Star Wars LEGO sets because I just don't have the space for them.  I've posted them on Brick Classifieds and have made a few sales, one of which was a 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor.  

This set was purchased for me by my mother, back when it was released.  I can't be sure of the exact timeframe, whether it was purchased right when it was released in 2000 or soon after, but I have had this sitting at my parents' home for many years now.  It was one of two TIE Interceptor sets that I have - I believe either I or my mother mistakenly purchased a 2nd set at some point.

I recently made the sale on Brick Classifieds and the buyer was skeptical of the box seals after he received it.  Now to be clear, he said he isn't accusing me of tampering with the box, but he did want to bring it to my attention and might like to return it to me.

Here is the listing I had on Brick Classifieds, and among the pictures in my listing you can see many of the box seals that are on the set:


As you can see I was not trying to hide the seals at all because these are the only ones I have ever known.  But he says that he has never seen a seal which looks like that on any TIE Interceptor listing.  Is anyone else here familiar with these box seals?  Do they look suspicious to anyone?  

I know for a fact that I've never opened the set and it has been sitting at my parents' house for years until they moved and I finally took it with me.  You can see a Toys R Us sticker in one of the pictures I took, so I'm assuming that is where my mother purchased this from.  Is it possible that Toys R Us used a different box seal than another retailer?  

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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Ah, thanks!  I don't know why I didn't think to look at OTHER sets.  I was just looking for pictures of the TIE Interceptor set.  Those certainly look the same to me.

I have seen a few 7181 TIE Interceptor sets on eBay and none of them seem to have the barcode seals.  But at least I can show that these seals were in use.

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