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Outrage as Lego describe new toy character as a 'back-of-the-bus window licker'

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Or no one was offended or even noticed, as the term isn’t widely used or commonly known in the UK. 


Media companies trawl for this kind of thing to generate exposure for their clients.   It’s likely one working on the behalf of Disability interest groups found this, wrote the copy and statements for their clients, and bounced it around various media outlets, and the mail, being the mail ran with it.


With the mail, generally it’s safe to assume the opposite of everything they print. 


I worked with a spastic for years and he insisted on being called a spastic as he wanted to reclaim the word, and would he rant on about the spastics society changing its name to scope. And as for the BBC, maybe not so well known in the US, but of you need an example of BBC cluelessness, look no further than Ian Dury and Spasticus Autisticus.   


Incidentally, Ed's right about stocking up, unintended consequences and all, Turg could well end up being very popular.  


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Amazing how sensitive people are...society has become ridiculous.  To me, it reminds me of the kids in the back of the bus who'd do things they weren't supposed to....but I'm sure others consider this a racist remark.

Window licker is a term in reference to a mentally retarded person.......that's why people are offended. It's not about people people sensitive it's about low life classless people making stupid comments.

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