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Help identifying a decorated tile, please?



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Criminers, how did you find it so fast? Thanks! I literally looked through the entire list of decorated tiles!

​Call it a hunch that you missed it... you've probably been looking at so many pieces of LEGO that you just missed it. I know I've missed pieces after staring at them for so long.

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Best way to search through BL is to to try to narrow down your search as much as possible using descriptors of the piece.  I tried with this part, going to the "tile, decorated" section as you did, and then typed in description in the search box.  I started with "arrow", that did not work.  Then tried "arrows".  Boom.  I do this all the time trying to figure out minifig torsos and such and it works pretty well to narrow down what you're looking for.  Like gregpj said, you had probably stared at the piece so long you went cross-eyed and weren't seeing clearly anymore.

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