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I had no interest in this theme until I saw the ferris wheel at the lego store today. It looks incredible! On the lookout for both now.

At Brickworld, there was a vendor selling LED lights that had the Ferris Wheel lit up.  It made an incredible set even better.  The woman at the counter said they were working on a light kit that would work specifically with the Ferris Wheel that would be ready for release in roughly 6 months.  Can't wait for this...

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At Brickworld, there was a vendor selling LED lights that had the Ferris Wheel lit up.  It made an incredible set even better.  The woman at the counter said they were working on a light kit that would work specifically with the Ferris Wheel that would be ready for release in roughly 6 months.  Can't wait for this...

Can you post if you see the release? Sounds like a great addition.

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Will do.  The vendor was BrickStuff, and they have a really good website, Brickstuff.com.  Cool stuff - I especially like the burn barrel for all those hobo MOCs people are clamoring to make...

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Regarding lights on the FW...would love that.   They do make little individual LED packed with a battery that you could stick anywhere you wanted.  Just need to turn on individually.  Would look cool and come in a variety of colors and are super bright.  Personally I'd like to find a prewired set that are ran off of easily obtainable batteries or rechargeable.  What would be cool is a board with several light flashing patterns.  Before it's gone I'm gonna grab another 20,  nice trade bait for other retired sets. 

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Here's a report from Brickset on the upcoming Friends Amusement Park sub-theme, which could very easily be integrated into a Fairground Theme:


Friends Amusement Park

41127 Arcade, £12.99
Includes Mia.
3 little sideshow-type games: a basketball and hoop throwing game, a "water" shooting game (stud shooter) with three round targets, a hitting game with a mallet and a frog to whack!

41128 Space Ride, £17.99
Includes Olivia. There are three small space jets in which minidolls can be seated and which rotate in a merry-go-round style ride. It's quite cool. I think the colours included some purple and trans green accents.
There also an ice cream cart.

41129 Hot Dog Stand, £24.99
Includes Stephanie and Nate. Nate apparently will come with a Hot Dog suit similar to that used with the Collectable Minifigure but this was not on display so I can't describe it in more detail.
The hot dog stand is in fact a van in the shape of a hot dog in a bun, so it is predominantly tan with red 2x2 round and finial bricks sticking out at each end to represent the sausage!
There is a small canopy over the serving window (which of course displays the new hot dog bun piece) and in fact on top of the van there is a little seating area.
As well as the van there is a small addition in the form of a trans clear panel with a sticker showing two people with a blank area for the face, as a kind of photo opportunity for minidolls to stand behind. The lady explaining the set to me said that comedy elements like this tested well with the young girls during product research.

41133 Bumper Cars
I've neglected to note the price here, sorry!
Includes Olivia and Matthew
There is a square enclosure with two different coloured bumper cars - one was definitely pink. In addition the set includes a ride similar to the Rameses Revenge at Chessington, apparently called a "top spin" ride, with Technic cogs so as to provide the spin mechanism. The set also has a candyfloss stand and a ticket office.

41130 Rollercoaster, £89.99
Includes Andrea, Emma, Matthew and Maya.
Seeing the price and title of this set might get you all excited - "a £90 rollercoaster set, Wow!" - but I had reasonably low expectations of the set and was thus not too disappointed with what we're getting. The set actually includes a coaster, a vertical drop ride that reuses the threaded fireman's pole from the Ghostbusters HQ, and a Ferris wheel with 6 gondolas.

The rollercoaster itself is a single loop with one incline and one drop, both fairly shallow. At the drop there is an overhead gantry to take the obligatory photo of the minidolls as they descend! There is no motorisation, the cars are just pushed around the medium azure track, but the car of the coaster has a light brick at the front which illuminates when a minidoll is seated in the car.

There is a turnstile at the entrance and a counter with 1x1 ticket tiles, printed with a star.

In general, I really like these sets, they somehow have a fairly retro vibe for me. The predominant colour scheme throughout the subtheme is dark pink and medium azure though the individual sets have different accents too. I love the hot dog van in particular though all the smaller sets are different enough that I'll probably get them all.

The rollercoaster is slightly disappointing and I definitely would have preferred a larger stand alone one with a more interesting and ambitious course (more twists and turns). That said, there isn't really anything wrong with the Ferris wheel or vertical drop ride and altogether the set doesn't look too bad value for money.

I'm sure the color will be a turnoff to some, but I'm pretty excited about the prospects of all of these sets.

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Thanks for resurrecting this.  It's been a long time in need of updating.

So, I'll add some pictures for some of the sets mentioned above, and add some more sets soon.

30399 Bowling Alley


41127 Amusement Park Arcade


41128 Amusement Park Space Ride


41129 Amusement Park Hot Dog Van


41130 Amusement Park Park Roller Coaster


41133 Amusement Park Bumper Cars


75824 Pig City Teardown


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30349 Sports Car - great for a little race track


30396 Cupcake Stall


30473 Racer - another car for a race track


31052 Vacation Getaways - carnies got to live somewhere!


40166 LEGOLAND Train


41120 Adventure Camp Archery - great mini game


60150 Pizza Van


70910 Scarecrow Delivery Truck



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41 minutes ago, Val-E said:

I hate to be the one but surely we need a helicopter to complete the fairground theme.

In all seriousness...

LEGOLAND California has this:


I've honestly been looking at the variety of different helicopters (mostly in polybags) to figure out which ones might be good for a build like that.

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