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Sail Barge, Star Destroyer or AT-AT?

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I have around 150 in B&N gift cards remaining in my pocket, and am looking to pick something up this weekend. Any thoughts on which of these sets I should land on? The Sail Barge is *probably* the most straight-forward investment choice, but I'm not sure I'm a fan of the model. If I got either the Star Destroyer or AT-AT I could throw in a Birds with it.


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The sail barge will more than likely be the first of those sets to appreciate.  It's been out from many retailers now for a few months, and it's starting to rise over the 100.00 mark on ebay.  Id say it will more than likely be around 150 by christmas.

AT-AT and ISD are probably investments for late next year.  The other thing is that the ISD is probably going to appear in the new films, while the Sail Barge is probably not going to be remade for some time.  But I think the ISD and AT-ATs will probably be a better value long term than the sail barge.

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I agree with fossilrock that the Sail Barge will appreciate first since it's almost gone from retailers but I don't think that the upside is as good as ISD. Lego won't make an Original Trilogy ISD for a looong while so the ISD is set up to appreciate nicely when it finally does retire. So, if you're in it for a quick flip, go SB. Buy and hold, definitely the ISD.

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