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Anyone have any idea why Amazon ships some Lego internationally but not all?


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I've posed this question a couple of times and never got a decent answer from customer service. They mentioned that some restrictions applied for particular goods but that was that. I'd also add .it, as they offer the best discounts but have the most restrictions. For example, they shipped me a couple of R2-D2s but wouldn't ship the TIE Fighter... The most ludicrous situation was when .co.uk would only ship 3/5 of a line of action figures.

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I've been puzzled by this as well. I understand there are a large number of third party sellers on amazon, operating as businesses etc and I've noticed they almost exclusively don't ship international especially to Australia. Then there is items sold by Amazon LLC which I understand is Amazon themselves and it's really hit and miss what can be shipped. I randomly put in my shopping cart all the Star Wars UCS sets but it would only ship the SSD and Death Star. The same goes for any of the modular buildings. Surely the death star box the bigger than all of them and they were charging 70 bucks for postage which I wouldn't have a problem with anyways. Incidentally the postage for the SSD is 35 bucks. Being in Australia the retailers here have been complaining endlessly how shoppers buy stuff overseas now the AUD is so high and it wouldn't surprise me if certain items have been selectively excluded from being shipped here to protect the local retailers. It has happened with some clothing brands. So much for the global economy.

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Amazon USA and shipping Lego to Canada is one of the weirdest restrictions I have seen. Of all the larger hard to find sets there are only two that they will ship for sure - the Imperial Shuttle 10212 and the SSD 10221. (They may ship the Death Star but I haven't checked in a while). It seems odd that those two can but the Sopwith Camel is a no go. They are nice enough though to collect the taxes on our behalf so we know exactly what something is going to cost. The sale price for those sets is usually so far below Canadian retail that it is well worth it. I find Amazon .fr to have the most availability to me. Spain and Italy are good but their shipping is sometimes prohibitively high. You do have to make sure that it is Amazon proper and not a reseller most of the time, but once in a while a reseller will actually ship it to me.

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