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LEGO Store Build-A-Minifigure (rare pieces)

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Reviving this old thread, as finding gems at my local LS is my latest obsession. 

Some recent finds of mine have been:

Surgeon Head

Trendsetter Head

Sea Captain Cap

Gamer Guy Torso

Thespian Torso

Sea Captain Torso

Snake Charmer's Cobra

White Ruffle

Punk Rocker Torso

Clown Horn

DJ Legs

I'm learning a ton about minifigure part values from combing through the bins. Many times I've left the store only to find out after cruising BL, I left the real gold behind. I'm still clueless about the what I think are Ninjago heads that I keep seeing and passing on. There's a lot of scowling scraggly sideburned heads at my local store. I took this picture today. Any one know what the three heads on the right are? I figured out the left two are the Artist and Snake Charmer.




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[mention=44653]randrace[/mention]I know less about minifigs than you do, but just scanning the database...
#3 looks like Lion King (70404)
#4 looks like Pharoah
#5 appears to be Evil Dwarf
Thanks for the fun "search-n-find" game this morning! Did I get them right?

Nailed it; Thanks Kenxxx!

Someone created a pretty nifty search tool for finding heads / torsos / legs based on descriptive characteristics.   If you are ever at a loss for identifying a figure part, check out this site.   The figure searches are in the center of the page.

Oh man, this is just what I need; thanks!
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Slow news day. Besides the Grampa Hair, no high ticket items on my most recent trip. Worth noting is the Series 3 Samurai torsos. Do you guys think TLG is producing new pieces from these retired figs? Or, are these leftovers from the original run? If the former, it changes my perspective on the rarity of any CMF fig.

I know that Bee Girl's head was reissued as 'stud recessed' as evidenced on Bricklink. Stuff to think about for CMF collectors.


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On 3/21/2023 at 4:26 PM, Pseudoty said:


I have never done the BAM, but on 4/1 they will have Lion Knight Shields, Torso and Legs from 10305. Can you just go there when they open and buy unlimited or is it a 3 pack only?

Any information would be appreciated. 

The legs appears to be a different print from the ones in 10305, would have been nice to be able to grab the torso, legs (if right print) and shield at bam pricing. 

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