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LEGO Education Theme - Potential?

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I noticed several new LEGO Education sets on the shelves at Toys R Us yesterday.  What are your thoughts on this new theme and does it have legs as an investment for the holidays, short-term flip, or long-term hold?  They appear to be based on the Duplo design.

I don't even see them on Shop.Lego.com yet?

45008 - Math Train

45013 - Cafe

45014 - Story Tales


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MSRP $100...investment let's say it doubles to $200....parents aren't going to spend $200 on these sets when they can buy something better for $100. Educational stuff are not collector's items. Collectors will buy pay a premium for these when they can simply get something so much cooler with $200. But what do I know, just my opinions.

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would these sets likely be aimed at in school use? I did not read all of the description but besides the numbers on the train, I do not see much different from other Duplo sets

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