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10686 - Family House


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Well here is a Juniors set that flew past me completely. Anyway, it includes 226 pieces and 3 minifigures for $29.99. I don't know about pieces being unique just from a glance but I believe each one of the character's torso prints are. Now that is one way to make a child feel special, huh?


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low seller count alert on amazon - only 35 sellers under the main listing.  sub msrp clearance lowballers have been flushed.  usual stocky heavy hitters seem to be missing in the seller lineup.

already up to $37 .  not a tremendously discounted set over its life - i bought a few for $23.99 and majority of stash on 50% discount at walmart for $15.  would not be surprised if this makes it to $70 by November depending on stock levels.  worth snagging if you can find on discount.

juniors continues to outperform other themes in my portfolio largely because i think it is ignored by most investors :)


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Guest TabbyBoy

I passed on these in the UK last year when a saw them at half RRP instore at Asda (and recently at SaH). I've just looked at UK sold prices and a lot are nowhere near RRP even before fees. Where do these massive sellers get their even cheaper stock from? There must be constant huge discounts that these big QFLLs have access to. It's happening with a lot of sets now and sometimes you see things like: "634 sold. More than 10 available". WTF! How do they get so many so cheap?

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