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Different seal code on 1 box?

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Got from sah recently, noticed that seal codes were different, identical on one side and doubled taped on other side with different code. Seals underneath look like they were cut.

Has anyone seen this before?

Does sah reseal sets that are open box returns?

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-*/It's pretty common, and should not concern you if the seals look pretty tight.*


I first noticed this on $69 monster fighter dracula's castles. I passed on them thinkng they were resealed by people who stole the figures or something. Turns out, i should have bought them.


Lots of sets have exhibited this. Some say its because an issue was found during a certain print run. I've heard tale of a missing bag from the 2nd floor of the Grand Emporium i believe. Once Lego knows there's an issue with a print run they could / can recall that run, and fix it, resealling the boxes anew.


That seems like a dramatic and rare occurrence. THe more likely explanation is that they seal these things when they go from Lego warehouses to the retailers, so its possible they get ahead of themselves sometimes, and then reseal them later when they actually go out.


Otherwise there are LOTS of issues that created recall and fix situations. That seems less likely.


Another common example is the Tower of Orthanc and now the Red5 Xwing. Both of which were gone for a while, then finally showed up with these 're-sealed' double taped, double dated seals. Interestingly both were during this big shipping port delay.


Long story short, if the seals look tight, and are part of one of a KNOWN run of double seals, i wouldn't worry at all.

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