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How much do you pay for a used set?

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I usually post current & available used sets to sell at 80% retail, but I wouldn't buy at anything above 60% and even then it would have to be an "assembled once for display" & have the box, instructions & inserts included.  There is some minor returns in flipping used current sets but it's not really worth my time to collect em' Unless I already have multiples bound for the parting-out table anyway.


There's always exceptions in the obvious easy "anytime movers" such as pretty much any larger Technics, Trains, some modulars, or basic system bricks, duplo & very specific SW. 

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I don't pay for used sets.  The semi one time was bricklinking a set, but I didn't buy a used complete one.  I'm pretty weird in general and don't like to buy a used set especially if it's not a retired set.


There are a couple of sets that I would like to buy used, but it's just so damn expensive.  Plus I would need one with the box, instructions, and stickers.  I know there's a market out there, and it is actually interesting to see how well lego prices hold up.  It's similar to my watch hobby that I had.  I could pay insane amounts of money, and only a couple of times did I lose some money.  And by a small percentage.  Most of the time, I would get new value even if it was used.

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