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60062 - Arctic Icebreaker


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The 20% was related to a City promotion and the Arctic sets are a City sub-theme.  The Icebreaker didn't last long during the sale.  

That I am aware of, but they haven't removed other "sold out" sets.  Things like the Mine, town square, and cargo terminal are still listed on their web page, even though the last two have been sold out for months.  The Ice Breaker had been MIA from their page till just a couple weeks ago and it magically reappeared before last week's sale.  Their behavior around this set, bringing it out basically for this sale and then removing it, is quite interesting.

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How much of a sure thing is the ice breaker?

nothing is a sure thing but Icebreaker has proven success at holidays and 3.5 months later is still doing very well.  It has also had some strange patterns of availability as mentioned above.


Current ebay listings are 161-189 and Amazon is 152.  If you can get down in the $100 range it is a solid set.


I have been selling them off and on for $165.  They don't fly at that price but they do sell.  Pretty good seeing the set is available at shop at home for retail.

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Aside from the oddness of the Cargo Supply Plane disappearing, I think it's highly unlikely that the Arctic subtheme would disappear early. City sets like these usually stick around for at least year and this one is a perfect candidate to stick around just long enough for a 2nd winter. Kids like boats and Lego likes to make them.


That said, I picked one up for ourselves (well, me :)) during the last good sale at TRU. They do seem to sell despite being available in pretty large quantities up here.

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On 12/8/2015 at 2:50 PM, gravtation said:

Can someone explain for such a small set why is it selling for 99.99$ in USA and 149.99$ in Canada .. ? 50$ ..this ain't a modular or a special set .. !

Probably due to the higher cost for boat hulls. Big pieces keep the total piece count low but probably cost more to manufacture. The new City Space Shuttle doesn't look like a $149.99 CAD set to me, either, but some of the larger pieces probably drive up the price.

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