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Building 21021 Architecture Marina Bay Sands


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Set Name: Marina Bay Sands (Republic of Singapore)
Set Number: 21021
Theme: Architecture
Year Released: Late 2013 / Early 2014
Retaile Price: SGD 89.90 (converted to $64.77 as of March 10, 2015)
# of Elements: 602
# of Minifigs: 0

Introduction :

This set was a limited edition set exclusive to Singapore.  I've read that only 10,000 sets were produced and was available in the Marina Bay Sands gift store and selected retailers.


The box design is beautiful with various pictures of the hotel.  The standard black Architecture styled was used.  The box itself is comparable to the Lego Ideas / CUUSOO Back to the Future set (10.24" x 7.48" x 2.76") and esign.  When opening the box, the sturdy manual (booklet style) and elements are easily seen.  Lego used two standard tape seals with the "seal code" on one of them.


note: My box was damaged when purchased.  I purchased the box separately from the rest of the set.













Lego included 5 bags of elements.  Nearly all elements are widely available except the 1x8 black Marina Bay Sands printed tile.  Unfortunately, fake versions of this element has been seen on eBay so be very careful when buy the set used.  I would assume most sale listings of this set w/o the box and manual probably contain a reproduction Marina Bay Sands tile.

For more pictures, information, and pricing about elements, please refer to




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I'll add build and design comments to pictures later tonight and tomorrow. 


I actually built this set during the 2014 Christmas holiday and been holding off posting it due to work, family, etc... .   I couldn't wait anymore as my next build review is in-progress so this needed to get posted. :).


Enjoy the pictures.  It's a great little set.  I'm proud it was my 1st Architecture set build.

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Nice thread. I keep haggling with people on Ebay for this...had to get the Ole Kirk house first.

Yeah, I quickly learned eBay and Bricklink sellers don't budge on this set I was lucky (that someone owed me a favor) to get me this set especially with it's authenticate printed tile which more than makes up for the box condition. Plus the manual is in excellent shape. All said and done, everything cost $115 with postage.

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It still looks like a curved surfboard sitting atop three clothesline pins. Amazing how structural sound it is I will admit.


The Amazing Race used this as a race location last season (Fall 2014). One member of the team of 2 had to cross on a highwire from one of the outer towers to the middle tower.

And that's the point where I take a line from the book of Cartman to say "Screw you guys! I'ma going home."
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