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Storing Used Sets

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I have several sets that I have constructed and deconstructed because of lack of display space. Some I'll keep, some I'll sell when the time is right.

My question to you BPers is: How do you store these sets? In original boxes? In other boxes? Ziploc bags?

I also want to keep the original boxes and I'm not sure what to do with them.

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Ziplocs.  I flatten my boxes so I don't put the set back in them, but I have totes that are just Lego sets to keep them protected.


This is what we do too. In each ziplock, I write on a piece of cardboard the set # and title so I don't have to guess later on. We have other "filing" boxes where we store our instructions booklets flat... mostly by theme. We seem to have a lot of instruction books. :whistle:

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I used ziploc bags and plastic containers to store the ziplock bags in. I use ziploc bags where you can write on the outside - labeled with set number and name.


How do you all store the minifigures? Do you put them in with the set or separate them with their own plastic bags?

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I ended up storing bricks by color in ziploc bags and consolidating the smaller bags into gallon ziploc bags and labeling them by set. Then I put the bags and instructions into a plastic box with other sets packed in the same way and use a label maker for the box. Still not sure what I want to do with the original boxes yet

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