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Walmart Canada in store clearance - YMMV


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Managed to find a single Lonely mountain at $120, box is a bit beat up, but not terrible.

Figure i'd grab it now considering how quickly this is going to become difficult to get at a discount.

Worst case scenario i'll likely break even, or just part it out.

If you haven't checked out the lonely mountain thread, gregpj posted a pic for "cross" with Smaug on top of ToO. Looks pretty good and probably close to scale.
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Managed to snag a few more sets in a WM today:


3x 76001 - Super heroes Tumbler Chase - $35 each

1x 31012 - Creator Family House - $65

10+ Mixels 2 - $3 each

3x 70145 - Chima Maula's Ice Mamoth Stomper - $40 each (not into Chima, but for $40 for gifts and donations, why not).

2x 41051 - Disney Princess Merida's Highland Games - $15 each


Saw an Arctic Camp and couple Arctic Outpost on sale as well, but passed on those.

This store had some Lego Movie Ice-Cream Machine and Trash Chomper for $30; waiting for it to go down some more like some other stores.

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Some uber-fans have critiqued my placement of Smaug on top of the Tower of Orthanc as being in-authentic to Tolkien's work. I have a simple answer:



Sometimes bending the literary rules are worth it :P



The sets combined look killer in our library, and compliment each other very well. I said it there and I'll say it here... my household has built a significant number of Lego sets, and building the ToO makes my top three.


We certainly collect for investment but build for fun as well. If you want an epic display piece, built the ToO- as a LOTR fan or not- I promise you won't be disappointed.


_ _


The Orthanc/Smaug photo are in my profile/gallery as well.

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I can't believe walmart still have secret police drop ship for $80 when walmart USA are blowing them out at $45 USD. Stores must love this set sitting on the end cap of shelves.


I haven't figured out Walmart in store clearance at all... Some sets disappear quickly with small drops and others seem to linger. Clearance moves from aisles to end caps, back to aisles, then to a completely different place at my local stores.

The Dropships lingered for a while at $80 in store, but they all sold.


Also that big group of Lego that looked ripe for clearance essentially found a home next to the off-brands of Lego at full retail. Too bad, there was some nice stuff in the pile. In fact, they look about done with clearance near me - very little left of even the crappy sets.

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I still see the drop ship in every store in my city. I thought this set is pretty cool but it seems like this set maybe a bust judging by the amount sitting on the shelves across Canada and the US. Unless parents don't want to spend $100 on it when they can get their kids a $40 set instead and make them happy.

I will be happy to scoop up more at $50 each and hope it have some demand when the 2nd movie is released.

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I was able to pick up some friends sets for half price last night at walmart.

Dophin cruiser - $45 each

Juice bar - $20 each

Stephanie beach house - $25 each

Few animal poly bags - $3 each

Keep an eye out even just for parts.

Were they even marked 50% off on the shelf or do you have to scan the prices in?

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