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Toys R US Canada - 20% off Superheroes, Agents, Hobbit, TMNT (Yawn)


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A bunch of stuff came back in stock today.


I don't know why you guys aren't more excited about this sale. The 20%, plus 10$ of 40$ with the CineplexHoliday code, means up to 40% off. On top of that, the current CAD weakness makes these retail prices cheaper than in the U.S. (though we pay more taxes, as usual).


As someone who parts out sets, I'm very happy with paying 25%-35% off the tax-free U.S. retail price!


I am ecstatic! I was surprised that the Daily Bugle made it to today, so helped it finally go out of stock. Debating how many GotG sets and 2014 Batman sets to nab, as they'll likely be around another year give or take.

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TRU is taking their sweet time actually shipping my orders... anyone else having slow updates?

TRU has shipped all my orders, but Purolator's tracking shows:

"Appointment required for delivery, receiver will be contacted to reschedule"


I asked by chat what was going on, and they said because it was a very bulky/heavy order, I would be contacted by the warehouse. It has been two days and no contact or notification has been received. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? Urgh, I profoundly dislike Purolator.


(I admit, it's a fairly big batch of TRU orders)

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Arggh! For the latest packages, Purolator's tracking now says "Unable to deliver - loading dock unavailable".


Come on Purolator, I didn't order so many that you would need a loading dock!... I think?


Everybody, I suggest to go easy on the TRU orders if you want to avoid fighting with Purolator's customer service.

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Yes! I use my Airmiles cash coupons religiously. As soon as i have enough for a $20 card i buy it.


I usually save these for exclusives however just to soften the blow.

I'm all about the airmiles cash now that a covert them to $20 vouchers at TRUs. I can usually earn a 1000 airmiles a month from mostly gas and groceries!

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