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Clean Bulk Lego

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We will be starting a BL Store once we settle into a house again. 

I will be getting used Bulk Lego (have already started) and was wondering is it worth cleaning each piece or just stick to the ones that are very dirty. 

I have seen youtube Videos, where lego says they wash them in the washing Machine in pillow cases. 

Or other using Borax to clean light colored Lego. 


My plan was to sort by color, then wash them and do final sorting. 

Is this overkill or good thing to do or have to do. 





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Hey mike,

I sell a lot of bulk lego and at the start of selling I had the odd person complain about one or two pieces being dirty so I always clean it now just to be safe. The best way I have found to clean it is using bra bags, they are cheap and seem to do the best job. Just chuck it in the washing machine with only a little bit of powder and you should be good to go. Cheers, Simon

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On BL every part must be clean, you're selling to enthusiasts & you're likely to hear if your wares are less then perfect...


Tried all manner of bulk cleaning concepts, some work well some not so much...  the washing machine is fast & labour efficient but expensive (electricity & town water usage etc.) I eventually settled on a bit of a backyard hack solution.  Using a fish tank bottom bubbler in a nearly free aquarium from kijiji seemed to work the best over all. That later evolved into a pin-holed air hose looped around the bottom of a surplus farm supply water tank.  The tank is filled with a bazillion of those little foam triangle makeup removers with a little bit of unscented oxy-clean type detergent.  the bubbling action keeps the product moving while the irregular shaped foam lifts & scrubs away all the gunk. A little JetDry added to the rinse session leaves everything water-spot free as it air-drys. 

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