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What sets you picking up next double VIP?

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I first read this as "a few over the past 25 years" and it still made sense.

I am still debating finally breaking down and getting a Fairground Mixer to collect dust until the Ferris Wheel comes out.

Creative Suitcases

Well, what has emerged is that PC, PS, Red5, DS and ToO have all been received with very recent seal codes so I guess it is now question of seeing how long those batches take to sell out.


It would be interesting to know from members if the less popular sets like EV, Seacow and SOH have also had recent runs.

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Bit of a newbie question but historically, how often have the Double VIP promotions been? Once/twice a year?



Normally twice a year once in the first quarter and once in the 4th quarter usually around October/March.


Anyway back on topic I just bought a load more TB'S and ecto-1's, maybe because I'm British but Just love the TB and I think it has great potential, and ecto-1 just speaks for itself.

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I personally picked up ToO before the Sea Cow(still don't have one yet).


Same here. Waiting for my second ToO to ship (the first one ended up getting built). Quite an impressive model, if I may say so myself. Plus, Sir Christopher Lee minifig.What could possibly beat that?

On a personal level, I would get Emmet's Construct-o-mech(s) before the Sea Cow. Earmarked that and Benny's Spaceship from when I first saw them in TLM. Not that I necessarily believe it would do better long-term.

I am itching to get more sets before the double VIP is done, though.

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Yes, the kiwk e mart.

One could consider it would make more sense that it would be the UCS tie-fighter, but on may 4th there will be enough lights on SW theme. So it was the chance for the kwik-e-mart to have some hype during 2 weeks, before the SW frenzy (or wait June, but it wasn't planned so).


edit: I added some ponctuation, so it may not look like emazers hacked my post

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So did everyone take a last second run on LEGO Shop at Home last night? There are a ton of backordered sets all of a sudden, including TB, SOH, Sea Cow, Simpsons House (not shipping til September?!), Tumbler, Ewok Village, and even the Parisian Restaurant. Then there's the usual suspects, like PS, ToO, Red5, which were already backordered.

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I sense that, given the horde's runs on SSD, GE, HH, TH, R2 etc last year, TLG is changing their manufacturing decision to that based on a computer algorithm, which has the effect that the more people hoard, the more they make.

So EOL will keep being pushed back and back. We become our worst enemy.

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Being new to the VIP LEGO program, will I get double points if I use my current VIP points? For instance, if I bought a $200 set and used 100 VIP points + $100 to purchase it, would I still get 20 more points?

Whatever you final dollar amount spent is after cashing in any points, that is what you will receive points on ( as soon as it ships)

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