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41101 - Heartlake Grand Hotel

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It's a very nice set indeed... but, These sets are slow sellers in my experience. Most of my (retired) large set stock is gone now. But at low margin and mo

Yup....it's official. I'm a friends fan. It may suck as investment and the stickers will haunt me in my dreams... but that amount of nice pieces and detail is superb. Review in Dutch

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This looks more along the size of Olivia's House, not the mall. My guess would be a $70 price. The doorman minifigure looks cool.


I think it's bigger than Olivia's house, more detail, plus the accessories, plus the vehicle.  It's a $110 - $120 set.

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Great link. I will be buying a lot of this. I think the question of whether this and Heartlake Mall exist at the same time is a good one. I am guessing we will see the mall disappear from retail shelves but remain online for quite a bit of time. 

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Normally I have less than zero interest in anything from the Friends lineup. But I do want to create a custom modular building at some point, and it seems like 2 of these could make a very, very nice custom modular. What's the likelihood of being able to get these at any significant discount during its lifespan? (In other words, it's not an exclusive, is it?)

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ShopKo has had the mall for $70 lately so I was wondering if it was going away.

​Shopko or the Mall?

And on topic: any house that doesn't even have a back wall feels - how should I put it - incomplete? It would be so much better to make this modular-style. But I guess play-value has priority for this line - for a good reason. Maybe combining two could give you a nice hotel.

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