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Question on Target Redcard Debit 5% discount online w Gift Card use


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So the question is whether the 5% applies to the total or after the gift card total?  I see some people mentioned that it applies to the gross total online but after the gift card total in store but people generally states redcard but doesn't say whether it is credit or debit.  I'm thinking about whether to apply for a card so if credit does the 5% online and debit doesn't, I'll go with credit.  If both does it, then I'll go with debit.  Thanks.

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when you use a target gift card online it applies the amount on the card to your account. (assuming you have one)

Select to use alternate payment (gc). Then put rest of amount on RedCard to get the 5% off.


I would suggest a credit RedCard. (for returns if you need to) If you use a debit for returns you'll get cash back.

There are two flavors of credit redcards. One for just target and one like a visa/mc so you can use it elsewhere as well as in store.


We switched to credit RedCard b/c my wife is parnoid about using debit cards now. We used to use debit for everything.


The debit card can be used online.


RedCards also give you an extra 30 days to return items.

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You don't need to charge anything to redcard to get the 5% off. First, select redcard as payment method. Then continue. Then go back to payment screen and add gift cards. Continue. You will still see 5% discount. At least until they close that loophole.


I would also recommend credit redcard, but it really doesn't matter. If you're fine with your personal funds being tied up in the event of fraud, then go with debit.

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I know this might be off topic a little bit, but I thought it might be worthwhile to share that Target physical (brick and mortar) stores will match amazon.com, walmart.com, and yes target.com prices if you go to their Customer Service desk.  For example, Benny's Spaceship was $109.00 in the local Target store.  target.com listed it for $80.99.  Walmart.com had it for $80.00.  I went up to Customer Service and pointed out walmart.com's price, and they matched it.  With the RedCard 5% discount, the total was $76.00 (before tax).  So, from $109 --> $76... 


Anyway, just thought it was worth mentioning.

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23 hours ago, TheBrickClique said:

After a glorious holiday run, the online red card plus gift card loophole appears closed. 

Red card discount is now only applied to the post-gift card-discounted amount. 


Just noticed this after squeaking a few orders in before midnight tonight.

It was good while it lasted. Luckily 5% is not a deal breaker for us. Just have to pay 5% less for GCs from now on. Raise sellers are going to have to pony up the difference.

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