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Minifigure Dioramas


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I know I've seen this somewhere before, but I can't think where, so I turn to you guys for help.


The kids and I have been making sure we've got one complete set of minifigs from each series, for the last year or two.  I don't like just displaying them on their stands - that's boring.  Instead, I'd rather get them into little dioramas, or habitats.  Nothing big - like maybe 8x8 or 10x10.  But something just big enough to make a small scene of our minifigure in their natural habitat.


So, for example, the Lifeguard might sit on a tall chair, with a sandy beach under him/her.  Or the Rock Star might look like he's on stage.  The King could be on a thrown, or the Old West Sheriff might be standing in front of a jail.


This is basically what I'm thinking of:




I know I've seen something set up at Legoland California before.   Anything that I could find, especially with inspiration, would be great.

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That's what I was missing - the words "vignette" or "habitat"

It is funny in a way since vignette and diorama are synonyms more or less but I recall reading the term "habitat" in relation to pictures taken at the brickfair events. I'm not sure if there is some sort of build standard for them but there might. I think they are more of a LUG group thing.
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Here is a selection of various minifigure habitats ranging from earlier series' to The Simpsons.




Series 12 Habitat: Gamer by DarthNick



Series 3 Habitat: Rapper by DarthNick



Series 11 Habitat: Island Warrior by DarthNick



Series 10 Habitat: Skydiver by DarthNick



Series 7 Habitat: Jungle Boy by DarthNick



Series 5 Habitat: Evil Dwarf by DarthNick



Series 4 Habitat: Sailor by DarthNick



Series 2 Habitat: Surfer and Lifeguard by DarthNick



Simpsons Habitat: Apu by DarthNick



CMF Habitat S8 - 4/16 by DarthNick



Habitat Collection by DarthNick


CMF Habitat Series 6 by DarthNick

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