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Minifigure Dioramas

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I know I've seen this somewhere before, but I can't think where, so I turn to you guys for help.


The kids and I have been making sure we've got one complete set of minifigs from each series, for the last year or two.  I don't like just displaying them on their stands - that's boring.  Instead, I'd rather get them into little dioramas, or habitats.  Nothing big - like maybe 8x8 or 10x10.  But something just big enough to make a small scene of our minifigure in their natural habitat.


So, for example, the Lifeguard might sit on a tall chair, with a sandy beach under him/her.  Or the Rock Star might look like he's on stage.  The King could be on a thrown, or the Old West Sheriff might be standing in front of a jail.


This is basically what I'm thinking of:




I know I've seen something set up at Legoland California before.   Anything that I could find, especially with inspiration, would be great.

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Here are a couple of Flickr groups for LEGO Collectable Minifigure Vignettes and LEGO vignettes plus another image below displaying a complete set of minifigure habitats. (I knew there was a different name for them that most people call them. It's typically either vignette or habitat.)




Series 12 Habitats by Melan-E

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That's what I was missing - the words "vignette" or "habitat"

It is funny in a way since vignette and diorama are synonyms more or less but I recall reading the term "habitat" in relation to pictures taken at the brickfair events. I'm not sure if there is some sort of build standard for them but there might. I think they are more of a LUG group thing.

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Now that I've got all of the Series 13, this will be a fantastic ongoing project. I can kill time at work thinking of designs, and it's probably pretty darn satisfying in small and more affordable steps. Fantastic ideas here.

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those are so fantastic... its great to see stuff like this.  it makes you remember why you like lego so much and not just think about the business side of it.

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Here is a selection of various minifigure habitats ranging from earlier series' to The Simpsons.




Series 12 Habitat: Gamer by DarthNick



Series 3 Habitat: Rapper by DarthNick



Series 11 Habitat: Island Warrior by DarthNick



Series 10 Habitat: Skydiver by DarthNick



Series 7 Habitat: Jungle Boy by DarthNick



Series 5 Habitat: Evil Dwarf by DarthNick



Series 4 Habitat: Sailor by DarthNick



Series 2 Habitat: Surfer and Lifeguard by DarthNick



Simpsons Habitat: Apu by DarthNick



CMF Habitat S8 - 4/16 by DarthNick



Habitat Collection by DarthNick


CMF Habitat Series 6 by DarthNick

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