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Craigslist find, old lego 190 set

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Here's the text of the ad...

Selling my Lego building set with people #190. It is a 526 piece set ( may be missing a few) I got as a kid in the seventies. Box is rather beat up.

Asking for $25.00.

Ad will go down when sold.

No shipping,trading or delivering.

Contact me @ show contact info 9am-9pm Mon-Sat. Leave message if I do not answer as I may be busy at the time. My schedule is flexible so pickup may be the same day you call.

Deal? I don't know much about very old sets.post-48686-14216907888053_thumb.jpgpost-48686-14216907994508_thumb.jpg

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Ok, have to update with pics. Went out and was able to get the box set for $20. I took pictures of some mini figs that definitely don't belong to the box set (Futuron, M-tron and Blacktron).

Where do I start with this? This is my first lego craigslist buy.

While I was there I also bought the tinker toy set for $8.

I left and he called me back and said he found more Legos! Of course I drove back and he handed me the bin and said have a great night! Great guy! $0.post-48686-14217048175634_thumb.jpgpost-48686-14217048348391_thumb.jpgpost-48686-14217048468836_thumb.jpgpost-48686-14217048593903_thumb.jpgpost-48686-14217048718517_thumb.jpg

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For $20, solid buy. Vintage stuff is great, but I agreed with the following:

Hard to tell what it's worth, but for $25, it's work the risk. I'd buy it. My only problem is that it would take a while to sell. It is not as popular as some other sets from the 70's like the Classic Space sets.

The Space sets are uber popular, there is a huge fanbase for any of the older sets in that theme. As a side note, it`s part of the reason so many of us have been talking about Benny`s Spaceship from the Lego Movie, closest thing Lego has come to vintage Space in 2 decades (give or take). 


In this case for $20, I think it`s a great buy, what you can sell it for to the right buyer, provided everything is there, could be anywhere from $20+. There just isn`t a huge market for these sadly, but to the right buyer you could get a solid amount of cash. That`s really not the point though, it`s not every day you get to buy vintage stuff, and for $20 like I said, I`d have bought it as well just for the experience. 


The Tinker Toy and the Tub are just awesome extras, so congrats man! How much is in it by chance? 

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