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79008 100$ at future shop.ca


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*edit* Like a dummy I didn't put the set name in the title.  Pirate Ship Ambush.


I'm fairly certain that this guy is done and not coming back, however futureshop seems to have stock right now for 99.99$ (30$ off ).  I'm on investment lock down for the time being so I have to pass, but I like this one, own this one, and believe it is one of the two or three LOTR sets that could make money  So have-at for any of ya'll interested.  FS also has a few other sets on sale, but nothing as significant as this one.

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In Canada?


I don't think so - the best I heard of/saw was 50% off MSRP in Canada.


This is a decent price for long term investment - obviously not great for a short term flip, but since most sets are best to sell 18-24 months post EOL that means a hold until Christmas 2016. I don't think it is crazy to see this selling for $190-200 in two years.

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