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70228 - Vultrix's Sky Scavenger


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I'm really not a fan of this one... :sorry:

Colors are a little sad, I don't know... and I miss the eyes of the vulture.


The split function (plane/base) is ok though.


My favorite set (in picture) in this new wave still is the 70224 Tiger

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I love these Chima sets from a LEGO fan's perspective, but I wonder about the value of them in the LEGO secondary market.  The minifigures are at the top of the LEGO food chain IMO and the theme creativity is one the best around, but how this all plays out two years from now is the big question.

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Thanks TOK! Sort of reminiscent of an X-Wing if you ask me. Wookiee version?

:thankyou: I can see that.

To be completely honest, Chima and Galaxy Squad sets aren't all that bad (other than the Speedorz), but they just lack a long term foundation to be popular in the long run, which makes a lot of us bash the sets.

I am a personal fan of these theme builds especially the assortment of parts with such a color variety in Legends of Chima but it is true they are a large 'unknown' in the realm of investment potential being an original 'off the beaten path' property by LEGO.


My favorite set (in picture) in this new wave still is the 70224 Tiger

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