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Great deals on Lego Vampire Castle

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I agree, my family and I really like the Vampyre Castle but then Halloween is our 2nd most favorite holiday. Also, if you are building it, one of the ways you can build it makes it one or two sides of a castle wall and so, using two or more sets you can have a huge Castle with a central courtyard. We are thinking three or four Vampyre Castles put together and then putting a graveyard in the central courtyard! It would look really kool! The attached picture from Lego shows the one side of a castle wall configuration from the inside of the castle.

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I even noticed earlier today when I was there they had Helms Deep for $150

Ouch. That is quite the markup. I can't help but laugh every time I am in there at how much they mark things up. I have seen things marked up $50+. I wonder how many average shoppers gets fooled by this.

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