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10557 - Duplo Giant Tower


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I picked up 3 of these from the Walmart promos at $30 - $35 each.  I'm disappointed to see them selling mostly in the $50 - $60 range on ebay (with free shipping).  Mine are priced a little higher and not moving.  By my math, if I sell at $53-55 (free shipping) I'll only break even (or lose money shipping cross country).  I know nothing about Duplo.  Should I hold?  Is there something that will change in the market in the next few months that will make these more attractive?

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I feel if you can sell it on your local CL for $50 just get rid of them for a small profit.  It's a pretty good set for parents to buy to start off their Duplo collection but I feel that it's not a good investment.  Of course that's just my opinion.  Let's just say I didn't buy any of those and bought a bunch of the 10664 Lego Towers instead (and my youngest still plays with Duplo)

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Agree with the above, Duplo is not even comparable to System stuff at all in terms of popularity, you just can`t equate the two. Try and get $50 for them if you can, but I`d strongly suggest dumping them for what you can. Re-invest the capital elsewhere, these are not going to gain value over time either, and if they do it won`t be comparable to what you could make elsewhere. No, definitely flip them asap and take it as a lesson learned, don`t buy Duplo in general hehe.

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