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I wonder if that's indication of EOL.


We already knew that this set is EOL-ing. It's the circle of (technic sets) life. This discount is just another hint to add to the case. :)


Although an official "retired" tag on LEGO Shop at Home will not prevent this set to seat on shelves for more months here and there...

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Lego Shop @ Home has 2x VIP points today only (December 14th), if you want to get that down to 180 CAD.


That price isn't a great deal for resale or part out, but it's fine for personal consumption.

Yep that`s a good point. This one hasn`t appeared to be nearly as popular as some other Technic models past and present, but I still think it`s pretty cool. And I`m not a Technic guy by any means haha. I`d say buy it now for those that want one personally, it`s a good price for $180 CDN. 

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