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What will you buy with the Target 20% off coupon?


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Well I got lucky to grab a couple coupons and have been to a couple different Targets.  At all of them I picked up the 60036 arctic base camps and one or two 60015 Coast Guard Plane.  I also then checked out each one for random stuff that I thought shouldn't be there.  At one I found 2 6860 batcaves.  At another I found 2 31012 Creator Family House (which rang up at $42 while listed for $69)  At a third I found a whole set of Series 2 Mixels and 3 60008 Museum Break-in.  


I'd be interested to hear if other's have better ideas.

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do you think 76021 The Milano Spaceship Rescue is a good buy?


$74.99 applied 20% off ($60 out the door).

I would go after some of the older sets terrymc mentioned first. Milano has seen deals already less than this (was about $50 on yoyo a few weeks ago). Sales of it have been pretty slow so far as well.
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