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"Top 5 Flips" of 2014

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OOS Lego shop EU at home till 22nd December!

Will this be flip (The Tumbler) of the year?

Maybe among the top 5 for the year. It does have one of the longest durations for flipping.

In no particular order using USD.

The Tumbler (only 50%-60% over MSRP)

Research Institute (reached 300% - 500% over MSRP)

Exosuit (at one point reached about 125% over MSRP. 75% - 100% was prob more of the normal right before and after the peak).

Haunted House (already about 100% over MSRP)

Town Hall (there are sales of 100%-150-% above MSRP)

I can't speak to the Minecraft and friends stuff.

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RI is by far the winner. Nothing else will come close to x5 msrp. The rover was a good flip but you were better off holding it. Tumbler is good, I would like to see It get to 350. Been stuck at 300, once fees and shipping come out its only ok. Most of the minecraft sets are looking good for the next few werks.

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Santa's workshop

SW advent

city advent


Good point with the Advents (d'oh on me since I sold them last month). I was going to include them in my list.

The SW was about 80% of MSRP at it's peak in a very short window. I know we had peak sales of about 100%.

The City was closer to 75%.

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