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10216 - Winter Village Bakery


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I have an option of buying multiple sets of Winter VIllage Bakery for 59 EUR - 77 USD. I am just starting out as an investor. Is there any potential worth in this, either as in immediate resell or future investment?

They seem to be selling for around $100 here in the states on Ebay right now. I would imagine that will spike around late November-mid December when people are flocking to these. So at $77 US, yes, there is some room for this to grow if you're willing to hold onto it for 5-6 months. I know I'll be selling mine this holiday season, just wish I had more of them.

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Well, I just went and bought two, even got 10% discount and came out at 70 USD for each. Also took two Vampyre Hearses to diversify a bit.

Should very nearly double your money by the holidays. If they're going for $100 now, they should reach 125-150 easily by primetime for seasonal sets.

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