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Staples 40% off select shipping supplies


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Valid in U.S. stores, online or by phone.

Expires March 21, 2015

40% off

your $50 purchase of packing and shipping supplies.



In-store Coupon Code: 54355close_popup.png

Online or Phone Coupon Code: 85821


This coupon stacks with $25 off $75 from ebay...  just ordered some boxes. :)

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New round of coupons:


40% off $50 shipping supplies: 54603


$20 off $100+ order (Valid on 4/12 ONLY): 13507


So for today (4/12) only, if you order about $165 worth of shipping supplies, you can get them for around $80+tax (about 50% off) shipped free to your door.



If you were like me you ordered $100 Staples gift card for $85 from eBay a couple weeks ago during 10% eBay bucks promo. I let y'all do the math on the total savings ;)

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1 hour ago, Armor said:

I currently just use standard scotch tape but I make sure I add A lot to it. 

I'm sorry, I was making reference to the Ass Tape.  

But one second here, you use scotch tape to seal boxes, or did I miss something?  The last tape I bought was the Heavy Duty 8 Pack from Costco for $17 or so.  Every so often they do $5 off the $22.

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