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Yard/Garage Sale Lego Finds

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I am new to the forum and look forward to lany kind of Lego information I can get. I acquire my Lego at retail, clearance sales or finding them at Yard/Garage sales. I go to sales every Saturday to look, not only for Lego, but for other non-Lego items to sell on eBay. I find mostly loose Lego parts. Recently I have had two really super Lego finds. At one sale, I found a plastic trash bag full of unopened factory bags of Lego parts. Recognized them as parts of a 31313 EV3 Robot set. Asked how much? Guy says 10 bucks. I say "sold." Took it home and poured the bag out. It turned out to be a 100% complete EV3 with all parts sealed in poly bags like they left the factory including instructions, decal, computer module, motors, etc. It looked like someone opened a new EV3 and dumped the entire contents into a bag and threw the box away. The other find was an 8480 Space Shuttle from 1996. It was in the box with the instructions and some of the parts and motors still factory sealed. Paid $10 for it. This In itself this was a pretty good deal. To make a long story short. Although I didn't know it at the time, I found out the guy who owned the set and sold it to me was retired Shuttle Astronaut Scott Parazynski. If known that at the time, I would have asked him to sign the set. Now that would have been the ultimate set for my Lego collection. Anyone else have any interesting Lego finds?

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