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Moving to a new house and looking for a new storage option...

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Hi everyone,


I'm moving to a new house in a couple months, and looking for a more efficient way to store my collection.  Right now i have most items in the brown cardboard boxes they were shipped in, but I'd really prefer to have them displayed in their Lego boxes - I really like the look that people's collections have.  All those Lego boxes, so cool!


No basement.  Right now I have an attic with a full height ceiling, moving to a house with an abbreviated attic - ceiling maybe 4-5 feet at highest point.  


Anyone in a similar situation, or have a clever though on a way to store? 





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Guest TabbyBoy

None of my sets are stored "naked" in unprotected boxes. All mine are in black bin liners (in case a roof tile slips!) and then put in sturdy boxes with sheets of foam or bubble wrap in between with set number on the outside and then stacked about 2-3 high with long-haul sets at the back. I stack no higher as the bottom box will squash over time. They are only in the attic as there's just too much even for the largest spare room. However, sets I intend to open are in my spare room. I did have a spare apartment that's now rented out.

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Unfortunately don't have a spare bedroom, that would be ideal. I have a few in plastic bins that I've picked up along the way but mostly stored on cardboard with bubble wrap etc. I'm in North Carolina, so I don't worry about cold too much, although heat could be an issue.

The other thing for me about storing in cardboard is that it takes up a lot more room. I'd love to be able to store "naked" and break down all the boxes. Space is definitely a concern.


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