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Bought an investment box, set 700.0. Pre 1970. Need help with manual

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I bought a 5 kilo box of 1970's Lego for 68 euro, but I found that set 700.0 is in there. If I look online I find a picture of an house but no manual. Does any of you have one, or knows where to find one. Then I can make it complete, I miss maybe 5 or 6 pieces.

Also found an electric train set with 60+ pieces of rails, switches, crosses and crossing in blue/white which I did not sort yet,

set 332 only missing a door, 335, 200 in box, 275 in box, 150 in box, 271 in box, so good deal already

Also anybody has a good way of undrying the rubbers of the wheels?

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