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Help! What is this?


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My guess is the mold used to produce the piece created the pattern, because it is identical. I`d put money on that bet, honestly makes it look cool IMHO. 



Your set appears to have Syphilis. I do not speak out of personal experience.

You know what they saying about practicing safe, oh forget it.....  :derisive:

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Is this going to affect resell value do you think?

Doubtful, unless someone is extremely picky (unfortunately those people are out there). It`s a permanent part of the plastic left by the mold, you see this sort of thing on everything that is injected/cast/etc. Metal, plastic, doesn`t matter, unless the factory is very careful, it`s going to happen, even then it will still occur. I wouldn`t worry about it at all, the bricks definitely don`t look damaged at all, and like I said, nothing can be down about this other than to re-melt the pieces and try again, though that`s probably not going to help unless a different mold is used haha. 

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Apologies for hi-jacking this thread, but it seemed the most appropriate, and I didn't want to start a new thread.


This is up for auction near me. It's already at $50, I'm hoping some of you train connoisseurs might be able to help. I can't find any other train that has the dark green bricks (aside from a sante fe model). Is this the Emerald? The front looks different, it looks like it has reddish brown windows instead of black, and it looks to have a 4-digit number on the wheels and the body. I know the pictures are crappy.






The lot is like 7lbs, so there's some other crap in there too.


Thanks for looking dudes!


EDIT: Ah... I found it. It's this: 79111 Lone Ranger Constitution. 


Sorry, I cannot delete this. If a mod wants to delete it, go for it.

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