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40107 - Ice Skating


Do you like this 2nd 2014 holiday set? Is it a nice add-on to other Winter sets?  

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  1. 1. Do you like this 2nd 2014 holiday set? Is it a nice add-on to other Winter sets?

    • No, I do not like it.
    • Yes, I do like it.

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i thought it might be curling brooms.

Perhaps the intent is that the girl is curling, not playing ice hockey 

Ya no kidding guys! Only thing is the net, looks like Lego couldn`t decide haha. 



perfect little giveaway / promo set.  compliments just about any Winter set.


regarding the hockey sticks, they would look better once the flat 1x1 tile are removed. 

The next part Lego needs to invent is that 1x1 Modified tile with clip, but convert it to a flat tile on top so it is still 1x1x1, instead of 1x1x2 like it is now with the other piece. That would be ideal for this type of usage. Better yet they could invent an entirely new piece shaped like a hockey stick, but I don`t see that happening any time soon. Would be awesome though, either piece that is. 
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I`m definitely ordering more Toy Workshops before the month is out, was planning to wait for this promo, but honestly it`s highly unlikely to be a huge seller, and definitely not more than the Toy Workshop. That said I still think it`s decently cool, albeit underwhelming, especially when I`m sure most of us were hoping for something much better. Now is the better time to buy especially with X2 VIP. Disappointing, oh well, always next year. 


Wonder if we`ll get X3 VIP over Black Friday again this year?

yup.  pretty cool minifig from series 4 i believe



Ah! Forgot about that one. What possible reason could Lego have for not including it then? Seems odd, other than to bump up piece count, but come on, that is just lame. 

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I don't like it. I thought it would have been smarter to make it interconnect with the first one in some way. It would have forced me to buy 7 of the new version to pair them.

Yup, with how connected 2011 and 2013 sets were, I was hoping TLC would have followed the same pattern. Perhaps this year TLC purposedly changed things up to be more unpredictable (heavily alluding to other thread/set) ;) ;) ;)

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Well, as a result of this announcement, I placed an order this morning for another Santa's Workshop, some holiday sets, 2x VIP and another Elf Set.  I think the Elf Set and Santa's Worshop might flip with this holiday season.  I'll probably only get one of set #2 when I use my VIP $$$ next month.

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