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10174 UCS AT-ST


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No instructions( why are these not available anywhere??), no box. $80. Would like to rebuild and flip.

I would not buy it. You can get one that has no box and instructions for $80-$100 on eBay. Very little resale value if you buy it at $80. It's a good price if you want one for your collection.

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The sales on eBay seem all over the map. If I can't move it, it would not be the worst model to add to my collection. There are a couple books for sale for 25 bucks, but don't know how much that would raise resell value.

The sales are all over the place. They range from $75-$175 and sometimes even more. For this set, the box and instructions do make a difference in the resale value of the set.


If I didn't have a AT-ST for my collection already, I would probably buy it at $80. Then, if I ever decide to sell it, I would lose a little money, but the money I lost is definitely worth it when I had it on display and in my collection.

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