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Heading to the big city

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Well, not too big.

I live rural (in Idaho) and have limited choices of retail stores for shopping/clearance lego. I am heading on a business trip next week out of Boise, and wondered the best way to plan for finding clearance stuff?

I'm looking at 4-5 walmarts, 3-4 targets, and 2-3 TRU for example.

Just hit them all and grab heavily discounted stuff? I haven't quite figured out the Walmart app for checking stock

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At this time of year, you'd be very hard pressed to find any good clearance/deals at Target/TRU. TRU may worth stopping into, because occasionally they might have some rarities on the shelves (Depending on how busy/picked through an area it is) - But I'd probably skip the Targets. Wal-Mart are worth just stopping in to, checking the Clearance Sections/Toy Sections and seeing what's avail and at what prices. Wal-Mart deals have been mediocre, and I suspect any of the GOOD deals (Jabba's Barge at $49) which were only avail in certain locations will probably already have been purchased by the time you go. But you could stumble into Black Gates/AT-TEs at good prices, maybe Cragger's Ship at $49 if you want to pay that price for it.

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