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sealed bags - all #2 any guess what set



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Got these in a bulk lot, but no other sealed bags. Anyone know what set this is from?



i had the same type of question yesterday with an opened box but sealed bags Arkham Breakout set i purchased.  there was a 14th bag.  i looked for unique elements in the sealed bag (2007 date on it) and saw 6 or so 2x2 gold tiles with a maroon brick printed o each 

i then looked for that element on bricklink.  turns out only 2 sets have that tile and Palace Cinema was the likely set.  i verified that by also looking for other elemnets in the bag that bricklink has listed for the set's inventory (1 black and 1 red hat).


in your pic, i would look for the white radar dish, the # of gray floors, and the yellow elements

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